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: A Dungeon Master/Game Master utility for keeping track of day and time in your role-playing campaigns such as Dungeons & Dragons.

: Tracks the moon positions and phases, and you can customize how long it takes the moon to orbit!

: The sky, sun, and moon update accordingly so you can quickly inform your players what the sky environment is like.

: Track day and time of as many campaigns as you like

: Visualize position of sun, moon and stars as well as sky color based on current time

: Buttons for adding 6 seconds, 1/5/30 minutes, 1/4/12 hours, and 1/5/10 days

: You can also set time and day directly if you need to go back in time or jump ahead

: Moon position and phases are tracked based on number of days passed and total hours to orbit (you can customize this for each campaign)

: Very lightweight and easy to use!



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