About GLHF

good luck, have fun, LLC, or "glhf" was founded in 2010 as an independent development and consulting label by Ryan Seabury, a veteran game developer. glhf specializes in development with the Unity Engine for mobile, web, and desktop deployment, both in gaming and non-gaming applications, and recently began tackling Unreal Engine and Xamarin development.

In addition to our original titles, glhf has provided contracting help with a variety of clients, big and small, on numerous Unity projects for 10+ years. If you're in need of game/UX design, development, performance analysis, optimization, deployment, AR/VR, or just general troubleshooting, get in touch! glhf is available on contract basis, from simple consulting phone calls to long-term design and development engagements.

"glhf" is short-hand for "good luck, have fun!" a greeting typically used at the start of competitive online games. It is the underlying spirit of glhf's designs and vision.

Ryan Seabury
Ryan Seabury

Founder, CEO

glhf is currently a team of one, Ryan Seabury. Ryan has over 20 years development experience in the game industry, with numerous title credits from MMOGs to indie mobile games.

Ryan is best known for his role as Creative Director on LEGO Universe as a former founder of the MMOG studio, NetDevil. Ryan doesn't like writing about Ryan in the third person, but that's how these paragraphs go.